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We  khow different you all are and that you have different goals, habits, routines and interests, so Natasha, or owner, has over the past nine years, created a range of options to suit students, whether in her home town of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, or somewhere else in the world.

You can enjoy one element, or a pick 'n' mix combination of as many as you like from the following

Whatever your age, location or ability, you are very welcome. In England we have a fleet of talented, friendly and motivated tutors to look after the needs of clients attending our classes or receiving 1-2-1 coaching.

We teach children from as young as aged 2 and are soon starting a new live class online where parents can enjoy the lessons from the comfort of their living room with Natasha as their tutor, and their children, however young, can have that regular contact with the language as they grow older. Parents can then take the songs and lingo out of the lesson and share with their child throughout the week.

Adults are highly served with a huge range of courses and downloads to support their needs. Our options are more bite-sized and specific, so they can get over certain barriers without having to take a complete course.

Corporate tuition is a great way for companies to offer language training to their staff in a controlled and motivating manner.

Schools regularly approach us for help to deliver the government-required level of primary languages.

On-demand courses are our newest addition but one of our longest in development. We're so excited to show it to you.

Finding the perfect tutor to suit your schedule is so much easier with our fleet of online tutors, ready to teach at any time of day via online voice & video or voice only lessons, straight from your computer, phone or tablet.

Whether you're looking for a tutor to help your child get the best start or you're looking to learn faster yourself, we can match you to the right tutor to suit your needs.

Learning a language can bring the opportunity of making new friends and meeting like-minded people if you opt for the group setting, it's no wonder our language group sessions are a popular option, and now you can choose from online classes or find a local one to you, the options are endless.

Full of printable and digital resources to make teaching others a breeze, our resource bank is the place to goto top up your resources.

2 English Language Category 300 by 100

1 French Language Category 300 by 100

3 Spanish Language Category 300 by 100


At MLS, we have a very modern and people centred approach to our tutoring, we hire and train all kinds of people, chosen specially for their skills in working with people, their professional attitude to work and their passion for languages and teaching. 
We are well positioned to attract all kinds of tutors, so whatever your learning style, you're in good hands. 
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