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Beginners Guide to Virtual Assistance Research Work

working from a laptop croppedDo you long to work from home as a Virtual Assistant? Do you need experience and a little training to get started?
Online research is one of the easiest jobs you can learn to do online, yet there is still plenty to learn to ensure you find and keep those online research jobs.Many newbie online workers think research is easy. The truth is, there’s more to it than cut and paste. Business owners are hiring assistants to find information to help them to make business decisions. They need you to save hours of their valuable time. They need information filtering and seeking out, then they need it saving and cataloging in an easy-to-understand manner, perhaps they also need you to process and summarise it.

In our webinar workshop, you will learn basic fundamentals in how to research properly, in a hands-on way.

You will learn how to:
Think like your client to find what THEY WANT (Learning about our client and their relevant data)
Plan your research for optimum results
Implement advanced techniques with search engines
Filter out bad quality or irrelevant information
Present your findings
Check your work
Submit your work to suit your client

We will work through examples such as:
Tracking down people on the internet
Sourcing local suppliers
Sourcing online suppliers
Viewing someone’s reputation
Competitor Research
Flight and hotel research

Bonus: The best places to find online research work

The tutor will deliver information in a webinar format before allowing you to work through the practical part of each module and analyse the findings before moving onto the next lesson. If you’re unable to take part in the practical, you can still analyse and work with the group’s findings and gain huge benefit from this course.

You will work in groups to learn, think, discuss, take action and review what you’ve learned. We believe this approach works best and enables you to retain the most and give each component of the training a go.

This course is for complete beginners.

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Or get access to the recorded webinar here. (Recording will only be available once the session has been held)

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10th March 2017