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Morgan Language Solutions is headed by Natasha Morgan a keen linguist, businesswoman and expert tutor. Her speciality is working with children, inciting their interest and sense of worth while they discover the amazing world of foreign languages. She is passionate about helping people, young people especially, to develop their interest in languages, increase their confidence and achieve great success, be it for exams or simple skill-set enhancement.

Over the past 10 years, Natasha has put her knowledge in French, Spanish, Italian and German to excellent use developed an premium tutoring system while working with children from 3 years old in nurseries & schools, in addition to visiting children in their homes for one-to-one private tuition.

The end result is a tuition service that will help YOU achieve YOUR goals quicker and easier. Book a consultation with Natasha today, and find out exactly how she will help you achieve your goals for yourself or your children.

Postal address:
Morgan Language Solutions, 34 Chestnut Drive, Thorney, Peterborough, CAMBS. PE6 0QR
Telephone: 0345 053 4947
E-mail: enquiries[at] - Ensure you remove the brackets and replace the 'at' with the symbol.

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