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Bonjour et bienvenue.

Hello and welcome. Here, we shall be telling you more about the French Club at the Duke of Bedford school.

I always like to show people rather than tell them about what we have been doing, so you can look forward to photos, videos and samples of the kids of things that we have been doing.

Eiffel Tower Souvenir Shop
It was génial (great) to return to French Club after my pregnancy, with our Eiffel Tower Souvenir Shop. The children made and wrote in their own postcards, made their own souvenirs and sold them to each other. One of the pupils said it was the best lesson they had had! Find out about that term here.

We have a newsletter for parents interested in joining our French club and also one for our Children’s French classes in general. You can find out about classes that might be coming up, contribute suggestions and put forward dates, enter competitions, get offers and goodies. We also like to include French tutorial videos and links to help you to learn. So there’s no reason to delay.

We’re just finalising the form, so you can subscribe yourself, until then, please email us at [email protected] telling us which newsletter(s) you would like to join.

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