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French Club Update – June

Salut ! (That means, Hi in French, and yes, the space before the exclamation mark is supposed to be there in French.)
Here’s a little rundown of what we worked on in French club last term and what your child can look forward to this time.

Last term, or topic was Springtime, where we crafted springtime pictures from various materials, hunted for Spring words and acted out two songs, one about five little ducks, and the other a green mouse who. Also, we looked at the writing skills: specifically, accurate French copying and attention to spelling rules. We track progress with an app that parents access and see what their child has been working on. The children love the app, as it tracks points.

This term, the topic is the treasures and creatures of the seaside. Over six-seven weeks while immersing the children in French and teaching them to use their new vocabulary, we will explore the seas with a varied range of activities:

1. Find the gold. Treasure trove. Children will make a pirate hat/eye patch and will write/read clues to hunt for treasures Includes a fishing activity to dig out hidden objects – revises transport and common objects (an old shoe, a car, a shopping trolley, a boat, a bus, a mobile phone, some gold coins, a ring.

2. Planning a trip to the beach – what weather do you need and what do you need to pack to take with you? Making a list.
3. Visiting the beach – what can you see, make a scene and use crafts to do so
4. Ice-cream parlour. Setting up and buying and selling ice-creams. Going out to sea, on a fishing boat. Children will also fish for words to improve their reading skills.
5. Under the sea – deep sea diving – what can we see?
6. Making a treasure map – using directions knowledge in French, the children will help lead the way as they sail the seas to find their desired treasure.

Whether this is week six or seven, the last session – Pirate Party – bringing all our lessons together to play fun and games in French with a beach/pirate theme. Come in fancy dress or use the costume parts we made this term.

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30th May 2016