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French Conversation Starter Peterborough, Starting 5th June 2017



Have you been wanting to get more from your holidays to France for some time now?
Well, why not make this year the year you do it!
This French course ends on the 17th July, leaving you free to enjoy your French this summer, straight after.

Each week, you will join no more than five other students and get the opportunity to talk and put your new knowledge into action. Your tutor will be there to demonstrate, guide and correct, making it a productive hour. You’ll take place in conversations, demonstrate what you’ve learned and be put to the test!

After each class, or incase you miss one, you’re given access to an online platform where you can replay lessons and pick up where you left off with more practise and exercises. This gives you a great opportunity to add as much study as you want to your week outside of your class. Some people love to study, others don’t have the time, so that’s why it’s optional content.

Please note, that this IS a class for complete beginners, and we know how it feels when we’re starting out and there are people much better than us, so we need to ensure only people who are really new to French or who have forgotten their former French, attend.

For those of a little more experience, we do have a French Conversation Builder Class where you can BUILD upon what you know. Those classes WILL go over the basics as we always ensure that students have the correct foundations in place.

Back to this French Conversation Starter class, it takes place in South Bretton, just round the corner from the Bretton Centre, home of Sainsbury’s. There is parking available in the cul-de-sac and upon arrival you can enjoy a tea or coffee.

This kind of class is very relaxed and informal due to its size and location, so why not get booked in now, and secure your place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What level do you have to be to join?
A. A complete beginner with no prior knowledge of French.

Q. What will we learn in this class?
A. You will be learning to have your first French conversations, things like ordering drinks, food, getting to know the locals, buying things, the basics of French.
– Lingo related to buying things such as transactional phrases, numbers, currency, food, drink, tickets, souvenirs etc
– Lingo related to making friends and being polite
– Phrases to help you find your way more easily
– How to ask for help in an emergency
– How to understand shop signs and timetables, so days, months ad
– Talking about the time and the days of the week, so you can book tickets and understand meal times and shop timetables
– The alphabet so that you can make reservations spelling your name and details properly.

This course is a seven week introduction, where rather than teaching you thousands of words, it aims to give you competency in talking in each of the scenarios above, so that you can be confident.

There is a follow-on course from this should you wish to deepen your knowledge further and improve your confidence, vocabulary and fluency.


French Conversation Starter Peterborough, Starting 5th June 2017

Time of Day: Evening
Day of the Week: Monday
Start Time: 8:15 pm
Session Duration: 1 hour
Venue Name: Natasha’s Partner’s House
Term Duration: 7 Weeks
Term Dates: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th June, 3rd, 10th and 17th July 2017
Term Cost: £84


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