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Here, you'll find more information about the different types of Beginner French Classes.

Practical Conversational Class.
Session Components: 25% Conversation, 65% Interactive Tutorial 10% Revision/Homework Review.
Session Format: Different deliveries offer this course as physical attendance, online or as a self-study course.
Session Overview: From week one, the conversation develops into many sentences interspersed opening, throughout and at the end of the class. Each week, responding to each student's level of confidence
Pace of Course: Moderate. We don't want to scare off beginners, so this class is a friendly one with plenty of opportunity to get stuck if you want to go faster.
Homework Requirement: 20-60 minutes total per week is advised. This can be done as ten minutes on six days.
Examples of Activities: Reproducing a model conversation in your own words, to suit your own situation. Listening to basic French conversations. Conversations in pairs to simulate a real life conversation in France.
Pre-requisites: None. Come and get started!

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